• Mt. Marcy
    Welcome to Mr. Cooper's Website! 
    Students may access the following pages to access information about course requirements, Homework, Exams, and Quizzes, and other information pertaining to their particular class.  Each site also contains a number of links to other useful websites.
    1st Period(8:31-9:12)  Conference
    2nd Period(9:15-9:56)  Forensics
    3rd Period(9:59-10:40)  Study Hall
    4th Period(10:43-11:24)  Physics Lab(Days 1,5)/Earth Science Lab(2,4)
    5th Period(12:02-12:43)  Regents Physics
    6th Period(12:46-1:27) 
    7th period(1:30-2:11)  Physics(1,5)/Earth Science Lab(2,4)
    8th Period(2:14-3:00)  Regents Earth Science
    All courses, labs, and study hall are located in Room 207 
    To contact me:
    Phone:  315-393-4951x207