• Support Staff

    Rick Anderson, Cafeteria Manager

    Ext. 1108

    Brenda Gokey, Cook

    Ext. 1228

    Brandi Engle, Cook

    Ext. 1228

    Martha Anderson, Food Service Helper

    Ext. 1228

    Randal Warriner, Food Service Helper

    Ext. 1228

    Annette Taylor, Food Service Helper

    Ext. 1228

    Stacey Youngs, Food Service Helper

    Ext. 1228


    Mr. Charles Stemples, Supervisor of  Building & Grounds

    Ext. 1106

    Mr. Michael Hess, Custodian

    Ext. 1106

    Mr. Cornelius Hill, Custodian

    Ext. 1106

    Mr. Doug James, Custodian 

    Ext. 1106

    Mr. Patrick Matthews, Custodian

    Ext. 1106

    Mr. Michael Fletcher, Custodian

    Ext. 1106

    Mr. Royal Taylor, Custodian

    Ext. 1106

    Mr. Jason Johnston, P/T Custodian Ext. 1106

    Mrs. Ramona Brunet, Elementary/CSE/CPSE Office

    Ext. 1102

    Mrs. Suzanne Houmiel, Superintendent's Office

    Ext. 1101

     Mrs. Suzanne Houmiel, Transportation Coordinator Ext. 1101

    Mrs Rachel Mouthrop, Librarian

    Ext. 1233

    Mrs. Patti Barney, High School/Guidance Office

    Ext. 1103

    Mrs. Connie McGaw, Purchasing Clerk and Tax Collector

    Ext. 1104



    Model Schools Instructional Technology Curriculum Coach

    Lynda Hooper


    Ext. 1219