You may have heard about upcoming changes to the SAT, but please note that those changes will not go into effect until 2016. The current SAT exam will remain in place until then.  
    Most four-year colleges require the results of the SAT or ACT standardized tests for admission decisions. The tests are sometimes required to compete for particular scholarships as well. The tests are generally taken by juniors in the spring of the junior year or seniors in the fall of the senior year. Both tests can be taken multiple times if a student wishes and are given several times per year at OFA or Canton HS on Saturdays. Students must register several weeks in advance.
    The SAT will be offered on May 2, and June 6 this spring, but the registration is due more than a month before the test dates, so keep an eye on the due dates! 
    The SAT includes critical reading, mathematics, and writing sections. The cost of the SAT is now $52.50. Sample tests and questions are available at the website at: www.collegeboard.com
    The ACT also offers an optional writing test, but students may still choose to take the traditional ACT with reading, English, math, and science sections, or can take the four sections plus writing. The ACT will be offered on June 13, but registrations must be postmarked more than a month before that, watch those dates! The ACT assessment costs $38.00 this year, and the ACT assessment plus writing costs $54.50. If you need further information about the ACT, please refer to the website: http://www.actstudent.org
    Students may register for either exam by picking up a registration bulletin in the guidance office or by registering online.  Fee-waivers to waive the cost of the tests are available for either exam to qualified students who meet income guidelines. Please see Mrs. Putman for specific guidelines and details if you think you may qualify.
    Sat Test Date - Registration must be done online or postmarked by:
    May 2, 2015        April 6, 2015
    June 6, 2015        May 8, 2015
    ACT Test Date - Registration must be done online or postmarked by: 
    June 13, 2015       May 8, 2015