• Graduation Requirements

    In order to participate in the graduation ceremony, the High School Principal or Guidance Counselor must certify that each student has met one of the following requirements:


    1) The student has completed the requirements for a Regents Diploma, including 22 units of school credit and the passing of specified regents examinations.  The units of credit must include the following:


    4 units of English                                      2 units of Science

    4 units of Social Studies                            2 units of Mathematics

    (Including 1 unit of American History)          1 unit of Art and/or Music

    (½ unit of Government and ½ unit of            ½ credit of Health

    Economics)                                              2 units of Physical Education


       Students must also have completed successful sequences in science, math, a second language, music, art, or occupational education subjects, as prescribed by commissioners regulations.  With certain exceptions, students must have completed one sequence of three units of credit in a second language in order to earn a Regents Diploma.




    2) Students must have completed the requirements of a local diploma, including 18½ units of school credit (as listed above) and successfully completed sequences in science, math, a second language, music, art, or occupational education subjects.




    3) Students shown to have a disability must have completed the requirements to receive the local diploma, IEP diploma, or local certificate as specified in the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and approved by the Committee on Special Education (CSE).


          An official school diploma will only be issued based upon the completion of the Regents or local diploma requirements. Any student earning an IEP diploma or local certificate will be informed in writing of his or her right to attend the public schools of the district until one of the following occurs:


       1) The student earns a High School Diploma

       2) The student attains the age of 21 prior to September 1st of a school year.




    Criteria listed below will be used to determine honor students for a given designated graduating class.


    1)         Honor students are defined as students with a cumulative average of 90 or better.  Cumulative averages will not be rounded up to the next whole number.


    2)         An eligible student must have earned 22 credits of course work prior to graduation.  Course work is defined as credit earned through seat time and a passing year-end average.


    3)         Selection of honor students will be completed at the end of, and including, the fifth marking period.


    4)         Eligibility for designation to the honors group will not be restricted in anyway by virtue of the types of course work completed.


    5)         One student will be afforded an opportunity to speak at commencement.  All interested honor students will be entered in to a lottery and one will be selected to represent the group at commencement.  This does not eliminate other students as determined by the school administration from speaking at commencement.


    This policy will eliminate the recognition of a valedictorian and salutatorian of our graduation classes.