• Upromise Rewards Account
              Another way to put a few cents into an educational account for your children, grandchildren, or others is to open a Upromise Rewards account. This is a free, optional service that can add to your savings when you register your credit, debit, grocery, and drug store cards.  Particular companies and manufacturers agree to donate a percentage of a purchase price of an item back to the customer in a Upromise Rewards account.  It is similar to earning rebates or frequent flyer miles on credit card purchases.  For example, when you buy Skippy peanut butter at the grocery store, you earn a small percentage of money in your Upromise account.  The money definitely builds slowly, but over 50.0000 stores, restaurants, and services participate, along with over 200 online retailers.  After you have earned a particular amount, you can have the money moved out of Upromise to a 529 savings account or other approved savings plan to earn interest.  Join Upromise and get more information at:  www.nysaves.org and follow the link in the left hand column.