EARLY DECISION applications are submitted by seniors who wish to be accepted by a particular college earlier than the usual acceptance notification date.  Applying early decision means that if a student is accepted, he/she must withdraw all other applications at other colleges.  Thus, the student must be sure that this is the one college he/she wishes to attend and must understand that a promise is being made that if he/she is accepted and awarded adequate financial aid, he/she will attend the college.  Early decision applications are generally due in early November, and thus, should be turned in to Mrs. Putman in October for completion.
    EARLY ACCEPTANCE: is a program offered by some colleges to allow students to know of their acceptance earlier in the senior year.  There is no promise to attend that college, but the application is due earlier and reviewed by the college earlier so that a decision is given to the student earlier.  This simply allows students to know about their acceptance earlier than the common March and April notification dates.