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Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!  This year we will begin our new athletic registration process of moving to paperless registrations. To do so, it will involve families setting up an account in order to input student information, health information, sign training rules, transportation permissions, and insurance information.  Below you will find the website which will get you to the site in order to start the process.


Once you get to the site, you will click on the Athletic Team Registration icon to register for the activity.  


Each family will need to create a Family Account (Click on Create Family Account).  Once you have a Family Account set up, you can proceed through the information and be sure to fill in any boxes where they have an * as leaving it blank will not let you proceed to the next page.  Once finalized, submit.  Once you have a Family Account, you can add another family member if more than one member of your family participates.


Merger athletes must fill out paperwork, please see Mrs. Morley as other schools do not use this program yet.  


If you have any questions, please contact:


Miss Erika Backus Mrs. Lauren Morley

315-393-4951 ext. 1202 315-393-4951 ext. 1107